What You See

What You Get

The Impressions Film

The best and most epic moments of your day, in three to four minutes – presented in a very dynamic, fun, musical, and emotional style

Pricing begins at $1,800.

The Featurette Film

A beautiful, stylish, highly entertaining wedding film – about 8 minutes in length

Your complete ceremony and toasts as separate films

Pricing begins at $3,000.

The Full Feature Film

A thorough and compelling documentary of your wedding day in one feature film, at least 30 minutes in length

A very sharable highlights film, 3 – 4 minutes long

Pricing begins at $4,500.

A Wedding Film is Fine Art

…At least the way we do it! We approach each film with fresh eyes and open minds, and never give it less than everything we’ve got. We want to hear about your vision, and help you bring your perfect wedding to life! Our prices vary with travel and circumstance. Please reach out to us with your ideas and to receive a custom quote.